Kingdom of Ice- I’m Here


Dear Diary,

I’m sorry that I haven’t written to you in a while. It’s orientation week, and I have endless “to-do” lists stuck on my whiteboard. Still haven’t been able to get through them!

Anyway, let me start by telling you about the good stuff. Montreal is a beautiful place. It has been snowing ever since I landed here. As I look outside my bedroom window, I see tall trees decorated with ice. I feel like it’s still Christmas. And it makes me happy.

I’m living at a student residence located in the heart of the city. Every morning, I wake up to an Ed Sheeran song (my neighbor is a huge fan, and so am I – thanks to The Vampire Diaries!).

Once I’m dressed and ready to face the day, I walk across the road and go to Starbucks to get some coffee. I know what you’re thinking – why not Tim Horton’s or Subway instead?

Well, it’s just that I love the way that they write my name on the cup – it makes me feel special! Not to mention, the coffee tastes perfect.

My college building is just another minute away – I enter, and begin class. After that, the day just goes by, way faster than you can imagine. In fact, by the time I come home, its already dark.

But I’m not complaining. Its MBA and this is what I signed up for!

Apart from that, I’m also still working on setting up my new wardrobe. Since I was living on a tropical island for the past 2 years, I never really had to buy winter clothes. But hey, I don’t have much time, because it’s freezing outside and I can’t even think of walking without a good pair of snow boots.

Will go the mall sometime this week and figure it all out.

Guess what, my phone is ringing. I’m sure its Habibi and Buddy asking me if I want to go grab dinner.

You’re probably wondering who they are – my best friends since day 1!

Don’t worry, you will still always be the first one to know everything that’s on my mind!

Will tell you more about them some other time.

Right now, I better pick up their call.

Take care of yourself. Will be back with more stories soon.





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