Habibi, Buddy and I – How We Met

img-20170213-wa0030 (Sutton – Trip to the mountains)

Dear Diary,

As I promised to you last time, I’m finally going to tell you about my two best friends. Actually, I like to call them my lifelines. It has only been a short while since we all met (about a month and a half), but I already feel like they are meant to be a part of my life.

Before I tell you more about who they are, let me share the story of how we met each other.


It’s 11: 45 am and I enter class. The board in front of me reads “Managerial Economics”, and I sigh. “Hope I’m able to survive this” –  I think to myself.

After looking around for a while, I finally find the perfect spot – the second seat of the third row in the middle of class. Taking out my notebook, I stare at my phone – its only 11:50am – seems like time has stopped!

He enters the room. He’s all suited up and seems like he’s ready to conquer the business world. I glance at him and look back at my phone.

Seconds later, I hear a voice – “Hi, I’m Habibi. May I sit next to you?”

I look up and see a 6-foot-tall French Canadian man with a welcoming smile. I smile back at him and respond (I said yes!). Halfway through the class, the prof asks us to solve for the value of “Q” and “P”. There’s a long equation on the board and a chain of demand and supply graphs. I have no idea where to begin, but I still start putting in some values and writing. A while later, I end up with only one number in the equation – O (of course I did it wrong!)

I look over to see if Habibi knows the answer. His page is full of numbers. Suddenly, he draws a big line across all his calculations – “I don’t get it”, he says.

And then we laugh.

And we haven’t stopped sharing such moments ever since.

Habibi –

It’s our first orientation party and we have been invited for drinks at an Irish Pub. The music is loud and everyone’s drinking beer. I’m talking to some of my classmates and listening to their stories (where they are from, where they used to work, what they want to do in life etc. etc.). Suddenly, he joins the conversation. – A happy Indian guy who loves to be the life of the party.

“Come on guys, let’s dance!” – that’s all he said and instantly won everyone’s hearts.

This guy was a party starter, the ultimate daredevil and the one who would spread happiness wherever he would go. We clicked a photo together and exchanged numbers. That was it.

Now I’m not too sure about how the 3 of us ended up together – maybe it was just a casual conversation during class. But whatever it is, we are inseparable now. And I feel that it’s going to remain this way forever.

So now you know about them. The other two people that I love sharing my secrets with (You are and will always be the first).

I have kept my word.

It’s almost 10pm and I can barely keep my eyes open. Think I should go to sleep. Have a long day tomorrow – two 3 hour classes? Also, still have to figure out what to wear.

As I say goodbye, I’m sharing a photo of us.

Hope you like it.











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