The Next Big Thing


Dear Diary,

I’m back. And this time, I’m here to talk business!

Yes, you read that right.

Let me begin by asking you a question – What would you do if I told you to pick between doing a 9 to 5 job in a small cubicle at an MNC and owning your own company and working only when you really wanted to?

I’m sure you would choose the same as me – option 2. And that was what today was all about.

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a session on Business Ownership in the morning. Now typically, you would expect such an event to focus on the technicalities of setting up a company and how to run it, but this was totally different.

It wasn’t just about getting information. In fact, nothing close. It was “storytelling”.

Now when I say story, I don’t mean fictional characters, wands or magic – I mean real success stories with actual people.

People who started with nothing. People who dreamed of building an empire but didn’t know how to get there. People who dared to take a risk of letting go of a 6 -figure salary. People who made that one dream that they once saw become true and live it.

Somewhere along the line, it got me thinking – Could I be one of them?

So, after the session ended, I came back home and decided.

Not exactly to build my own empire (too hard to know if that’s what I really want right now), but to make sure that I will do everything that it takes to have the power to make that choice someday.

The one I mentioned earlier (option 2, remember?)

This is what I learnt –

I may not know what the future holds for me, but I can surely make a difference to it starting today.

Working harder would mean more chances at succeeding.

Also, more sacrifices to be made. But it’s definitely going to be worth it in the end.

And who knows? – I may just have a shot at becoming the next big thing in the corporate world! 😊

Sound’s great, doesn’t it?

Just thinking about it makes me feel awesome.

Hopefully, I will reach where I want to soon, and find out where my passion lies.

And when that happens, you’ll still be around.

And I’ll be talking business with you – again! 🙂

Till then hold on and wait.

Wait for that moment.

Because it’s going to be LEGENDARY …. (just like Barney says all the time!)

Got to go now. See you later.












The Way to a Man’s Heart – “KOTHU PAROTTA”

images (The magic dish!)

Dear Diary,

You won’t believe what I am about to tell you. Last week, a secret was unraveled. And I was lucky enough to witness it happening.

Remember when I told you about how mom first made me enter the kitchen? When she told me that it was time that I learnt the art of cooking? When I complained to you about how hard it was to chop onions with tears in my eyes and recall all those recipes that I wrote down each day?

I’m sure you do. And with that, you probably also know why she told me that I had to do it all –

Food is the way to a man’s heart. You’ll understand one day”, she had said with a smile on her face.

Now I used to think she was just kidding, but a few days ago, I realized that she was right.

It happened when I was sitting in the grad room and having lunch with Buddy and Habibi. It had been a hectic week, and we had finally found some time to catch up with each other. Suddenly we heard a familiar voice –

“Hey guys! What’s up?” – It was Sam (A senior who we had met on the trip to the mountains – I’ll skip the details)!

I was pretty tired after the 3-hour lecture that we usually have, so I decided to listen to them instead of talking for a change. Somewhere along their conversation, I heard this-

“Bro, how do you know that a girl is right for you?”, Buddy asked.

“It’s simple.”, Sam said.

“If she can cook Kothu Parotta, you should marry her!”

That’s when time froze. My heart suddenly skipped a beat. I didn’t know what this was!

I grabbed my phone and googled this strange new word immediately – turned out to be some Indian dish (“curried shredded Indian flatbread” – to be exact).

But that wasn’t what was important here – I had found the answer.

If I could learn how to make this, I could win a guy’s heart. And which girl wouldn’t want that? 😊

Ever since then, I’ve been finding recipes to make this magic thing.

In fact, I’m even going to head to the grocery store later today to pick up some ingredients.

But before I do all that, I leave you with a piece of advice-

Being in love is great (At least it is according to A Walk to Remember and Titanic!).

But when you find the right man, you’ve got to do all that it takes to win his heart.

I know I want to.

Even if it means learning new stuff. Especially making kothu parotta.

That’s it. Now you know the secret too.

I’m super excited.

Also, just realized its already 6:30pm, and the stores here close earlier than back home.

Got to go. Take care.

Will be back soon.






Cats, Lasers and Québécois!

IMG-20170304-WA0018 (The royal French Canadian meal)


Dear Diary,

Hello again! I know I haven’t been spending enough time with you lately. Its March and I’m going crazy. The semester is almost over, and we have a new deadline to meet every day.

Anyway, I’ll stop complaining. Because that’s not why I am writing to you today. In fact, I wanted to tell you about another amazing adventure that I recently had -exploring a new city, embracing a new culture and making new friends!

I’ll start by telling you about “Beloeil”, a suburb that’s 32 km away from Montreal. The name itself literally means beautiful view in old French. And I must say, it really is.

Wait, I need to rewind the story a little bit. Just realized that I forgot to tell you how I actually got there.

Well, it wasn’t just me who got a chance to visit this divine place – It was the 3 of us! (Habibi, Buddy and I – u guessed it right!)

Buddy lives there. And, he invited us to have dinner with his family.

Now, I’m going to begin again – right from when we started our journey.

The Plan: Saturday evening at 4pm – that’s when Buddy was going to pick Habibi and me from the metro station

The Wine: Habibi and I decided to meet a bit earlier and pick up a nice bottle of wine as a gift. We headed to the store and realized that we had no idea what to buy. Finally, it came down to 2 bottles (don’t remember the names), but we chose the one that looked prettier (it had red flowers on the label – Habibi’s choice)

The OMG, we are in heaven moment: As Buddy drove us to his place, we just couldn’t stop staring outside the window – a mountain view, a river and giant trees -this place was too good to be true!

The Magical food: Buddy’s mom made us an exotic French Canadian meal. Again, don’t recall the names of everything, but clearly, it was delicious!

The guitar performance: Buddy’s dad played his favorite instrument for us. All I could do was sit still and dream – we were in a different world for a while 😀

Laser Cats: Remember I said I made new friends? Well, I was actually talking about Buddy’s two cats. They love chasing laser beams. It makes them dance and jump super high on walls – (think I’m going to call them super cats from now on!)

Risk:  This is a game you absolutely need to play! Its where you have your own army and fight for territories. Everything depends on rolling a dice. Kept us awake till 12 in the night!

Wow, that was quite a list. And you know what, I could actually keep going on and on.

This visit was special. Not just because we had fun. But because it made me feel like I had found a new reason to be here.

I used to think that the MBA was my only motivation to move away from home. But now, I know that there is so much more waiting to be discovered in this kingdom of ice.

Wonderful people, new memories, a fascinating culture and breathtaking landscapes!

Suddenly, things have started making more sense.

I must admit; this place has won my heart.

And at the same time, I also have to tell you that I need to go: P

Should make a new to-do list for tomorrow. And talk to mom on the phone and let her know how my day was. She’s called twice already.

Will be back with a new story. Super soon, I promise!

Till then, take care of yourself.





It’s Showtime

img_20170301_200336  (Us all set to burn the stage!)

Dear Diary,

Do you remember when I told you about the dream I had before I decided to do an MBA?

“A room full of people. A fancy background with my name on it. Perfect silence. And everyone’s waiting. It’s my turn to speak. I walk across the room. I begin, and before I know my speech is over. All I hear is applause. I thank them and smile.”

Well, believe it or not, but this is exactly what I lived today – the day of my first MBA presentation!

Now, it wasn’t exactly a speech. In fact, nothing close. My team and I had to talk about “Capitalizing and Expensing  Costs”.  Just a fancy word for accounting stuff. (I’m taking financial accounting this semester!)

Now I won’t go into details of what we actually said. To be honest, I don’t really remember at this point. But I will talk about everything else that made it awesome.

Around 4:30 pm, we met in the grad room, all dressed up – coats, ties, shirts, heels – basically, in consultant mode. After that we began to rehearse our parts. Half an hour later, we finished.

Since I could barely keep my eyes open, (have 2 classes on Wednesdays ☹) I decided to head to Starbucks with one of my colleagues. I ordered a cappuccino, and watched the clock. It was 5:10 pm already. Thirty more minutes, and it would be show time. That’s when I began to panic a bit.

Suddenly, I saw a small cup with my name on the counter. But on the other side, it said something else too – “Good Luck!”.

Just reading that little message made me feel so much better. Once again, this place had won my heart.

Before we knew it, it was time to present.

We started telling them about Lego Inc., a giant company that needed help. Buildings that were going to be constructed. New products that would be made. Etc. etc.

And at the end, there was silence.

But one that was of a good kind. Seconds later, all we heard was applause. Loud applause accompanied by a lot of smiles.

We had done it. The costs were taken care of. Lego was now happy. The show was over. And the story was told.

My dream had come true. And I felt great.

Suddenly, everything made sense. Me travelling thousands of miles. Coming to this new city that I now called home. Deciding to study here.


But I learnt something important today.

It’s okay to be afraid. It’s alright to challenge ourselves. It may seem scary at first, but it always pays off in the end 😊

Just like it did for us today.

Hope that it remains that way.

Well, that’s it for now. Time for me to say goodnight.

Have another class tomorrow.

This month is going to be crazy. Will keep you posted on all the details.