Cats, Lasers and Québécois!

IMG-20170304-WA0018 (The royal French Canadian meal)


Dear Diary,

Hello again! I know I haven’t been spending enough time with you lately. Its March and I’m going crazy. The semester is almost over, and we have a new deadline to meet every day.

Anyway, I’ll stop complaining. Because that’s not why I am writing to you today. In fact, I wanted to tell you about another amazing adventure that I recently had -exploring a new city, embracing a new culture and making new friends!

I’ll start by telling you about “Beloeil”, a suburb that’s 32 km away from Montreal. The name itself literally means beautiful view in old French. And I must say, it really is.

Wait, I need to rewind the story a little bit. Just realized that I forgot to tell you how I actually got there.

Well, it wasn’t just me who got a chance to visit this divine place – It was the 3 of us! (Habibi, Buddy and I – u guessed it right!)

Buddy lives there. And, he invited us to have dinner with his family.

Now, I’m going to begin again – right from when we started our journey.

The Plan: Saturday evening at 4pm – that’s when Buddy was going to pick Habibi and me from the metro station

The Wine: Habibi and I decided to meet a bit earlier and pick up a nice bottle of wine as a gift. We headed to the store and realized that we had no idea what to buy. Finally, it came down to 2 bottles (don’t remember the names), but we chose the one that looked prettier (it had red flowers on the label – Habibi’s choice)

The OMG, we are in heaven moment: As Buddy drove us to his place, we just couldn’t stop staring outside the window – a mountain view, a river and giant trees -this place was too good to be true!

The Magical food: Buddy’s mom made us an exotic French Canadian meal. Again, don’t recall the names of everything, but clearly, it was delicious!

The guitar performance: Buddy’s dad played his favorite instrument for us. All I could do was sit still and dream – we were in a different world for a while 😀

Laser Cats: Remember I said I made new friends? Well, I was actually talking about Buddy’s two cats. They love chasing laser beams. It makes them dance and jump super high on walls – (think I’m going to call them super cats from now on!)

Risk:  This is a game you absolutely need to play! Its where you have your own army and fight for territories. Everything depends on rolling a dice. Kept us awake till 12 in the night!

Wow, that was quite a list. And you know what, I could actually keep going on and on.

This visit was special. Not just because we had fun. But because it made me feel like I had found a new reason to be here.

I used to think that the MBA was my only motivation to move away from home. But now, I know that there is so much more waiting to be discovered in this kingdom of ice.

Wonderful people, new memories, a fascinating culture and breathtaking landscapes!

Suddenly, things have started making more sense.

I must admit; this place has won my heart.

And at the same time, I also have to tell you that I need to go: P

Should make a new to-do list for tomorrow. And talk to mom on the phone and let her know how my day was. She’s called twice already.

Will be back with a new story. Super soon, I promise!

Till then, take care of yourself.






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